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Bill Moyers at
NCMR / National
Conference for
Media Reform

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Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers

at NCMR / National Conference for Media Reform

This is Bill Moyers opening address to the 3rd NCMR in Memphis, TN.  He covers a range of critical issues - corporate media consolidation, net neutrality, the digital divide, a free press as a check on government excess and abuse, the threat of the "plantation mentality" and the need for alternative media to "tell our story."

As the saying goes, "You can't keep a good man down."  And despite the Republican witch hunt of two years ago that purged him from his PBS program, Now, Bill Moyers returns to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal while Kenneth Tomlinson has been forced to resign as chairman of Corporation for Public Broadcasting under a cloud of personal corruption charges and following a report by the CPB Inspector General that detailed apparent violations of federal law and CPB regulations by politicizing the programming and content of CPB and PBS.

Bill Moyers was the closing speaker at the 2nd NCMR conference and at that time made a public response to the Tomlinson/CPB scandal.  Visit Democracy Now! for video and transcript of that address.

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