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Terrorizing Dissent
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terrorizing dissent
red lights & sirens a police state... amy goodman uh, war hero the honorable... shock & awe - state terrorism
Terrorizing Dissent - The 2008 Republican National Convention
michelle gross ... friendly persuasion... pre-emptive war abroad, preventive detention at home dissent in the cross hairs cheri honkala ...a vulgar display of power...

"The Democratic Convention is about to begin in a Police State.  There just doesn't seem to be any other way to say it."

Those are the words of Walter Cronkite describing the '68 Democratic Convention in Chicago.  Have we learned nothing in all this time other than that there's plenty of blame to go around?

In September 2008 the Republican Party descended upon the Twin Cities for the RNC / Republican National Convention in their final fling to espouse the failed policies that have exposed the United States - as stated clearly by Dr Martin Luther King, whom we supposedly honor but in fact ignore - as the worst purveyor of violence on Earth.

The Republicans' pervasive corruption of our government and full frontal assault on our Constitution and its guarantees (?) of the rights of free speech and peaceful assembly and against unlawful detention, unlawful search and seizure and massive government spying are nowhere more clearly illustrated than outside the Excel Center and throughout the Twin Cities during the RNC.

Glass Bead Collective and Twin Cities IndyMedia, along with thousands of local and national activists, organizations and Independent Media were also there to remind the world of the crimes commited by the Bush administration, demand accountability, the restoration of the Rule of Law and No 3rd Term for Bush proxy, John McCain.  They were met with FBI infiltration, agent provocateurs, illegal searches, preemptive arrests, mass detentions, gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, a comprehensive mass media smear campaign of lies and distortions and contempt and abuse greater than the demonstrators in Chicago which Cronkite refers to above at the height of the Vietnam War.

Bush shall certainly be enshrined as the worst President and the Republican dominated Congress as the most irresponsible in our history having squandered the Clinton budget surplus on entry and leaving us with a national debt of a staggering 10.5 trillion dollars with ongoing policies that will likely increase that to 11.5 trillion and with the prospect of increasing that number by 1 trillion dollars per year for the next several years to avert sudden and catastrophic economic collapse here and worldwide.  Consider that the accumulated debt of the United States in the entire 224 years since the Declaration of Independence to when Reagan took office was about 1 trillion dollars.  Conservatism?  Bushit!

At the RNC we heard the nauseous hate speech and callous disregard of the long developing sub prime fiasco before the undeniable reality of banks worldwide collapsing like dominos only a few weeks later.  This, of course, was followed by their venal appeal for a massive bailout for the banks and Wall Street.  It makes the head spin how quickly they could turn on their heels, abandon their hallowed free market philosophy and demand massive state socialism for the very thieves that created the disaster.  And why is it that to this day, except for a few exceptionally thuggish Wall Street titans, like uberthief Bernard Madoff, no one is calling for any heads to roll?  Blame Game?  The only blame Bush and his cotery of thugs and thieves are willing to assign is to those that were hustled and duped into signing on to these financial time bombs.

Then of course, there's Iraq.  But what else can be said about Bush and Iraq that hasn't been said about Hitler's blitzkrieg across the borders of Europe?  Can you spell W-a-r o-f A-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-o-n?  What can be said about the methods and effects of terrorism that even approach the savagery of Shock and Awe, the deaths of 1 million civilians and the destruction of an entire country?

In an era of increased awareness of our history and scrutiny of the legacies of our leaders, even John Kennedy does not escape very serious criticism.  But he also, prophetically declared...

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Uh, stay tuned...

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