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I AM Troy Davis
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I AM Troy Davis

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In August 1989, Troy Davis surrendered to authorities to face trial and be exonerated of the charge of murder of an off-duty police officer Mark MacPhail.  He was incarcerated and two years later, convicted and sentenced to death.  He has been on Death Row ever since.

There was no physical evidence connecting him to the crime - no fingerprints, no DNA, no powder burns.  But on the testimony of 9 witnesses, some of whom were threatened with charges against them or otherwise coerced by police, he was found guilty.  The murder weapon - a handgun - was never recovered or produced in court.

Subsequently, seven of the nine witnesses have recanted or substantially changed their testimony and serious questions of prosecutorial misconduct have been raised.

Troy Davis has now received three stays of execution by the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles, the US Supreme Court and the US District Court.  The US District Court has given his attorneys the opportunity to finally present their arguments for a new trial given the unprecedented 7 recantations and other irregularities that have corrupted the legal process.  The Prosecution shall then offer rebuttal.

This case is nearing two decades in duration but Troy Davis has garnered the support and advocacy of people around the world including Congressman John Lewis, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Harry Belafonte, Susan Sarandon, Sister Helen Prejean, Pope Benedict, Amnesty International, The Council of Europe, human rights activist William Rowland, former FBI director William Sessions and President Jimmy Carter.

Hopefully the glare of public scrutiny will move the legal system to grant a new trial and insure that it is a fair one.  Troy Davis has never wavered in his declaration of innocence.  He needs your support now to finally be meted some measure of justice.  Visit to write or call in support of his effort to obtain justice in a legal system that often sacrifices justice for expediency and to cover the failings of its administrators.

Troy needs your help now.

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