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NM State Convention of League of United Latin American Citizens

WNMU Update
On 15 May 2008
The WNMU Board of Regents met and in an unfortunate but unsurprising fit of pique & con- firmation of their inability to respond to citizens, staff or faculty, lashed out at Faculty Senate President Tom Gruska and other faculty members and members of the public.

More soon come!

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Pablo Martinez / LULAC New Mexico State Director Conference participant points out Stevan Pearce's dismal Pro Bush / Anti Working Families voting record
Adrian Rodriguez / LULAC National Vice President - Southwest LULAC / League of United Latin American Citizens Marcella Diaz / media & social activist
Angel Luevano / LULAC National Vice President - Far West Felipe, LULAC civil rights program officer

Congressman Tom Udall / candidate for US Senate Ralph Arellanes

League of United Latin American Citizens
NM State Convention

In April 2008, The New Mexico Chapter of LULAC - League of United Latin American Citizens - held it's statewide convention in Silver City, NM and will hold it's national convention in Albuquerque, NM in 2010.

LULAC was formed in 1929 to confront pervasive discrimination against Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Caribbean, and others of non-Anglo Spanish speaking origins regardless of status as foreign nationals or as United States citizens.

National and state leaders of LULAC addressed a range of issues including,

  • Ccomprehensive Immigration Reform
  • The Border Wall
  • No Child Left Behind
  • Federal Hiring Policies
  • The DREAM Act
  • ICE Raids and
  • Incarceration of Children and separation of families
  • Status of Apache Nations in Grant County & the Southwest  

Other issues were addressed over the three days of the convention and civil rights training was also part of the schedule.  RFS! regrets that we could not cover the entire three days as we missed the Role Playing Workshop that satirized the bunker mentality at WNMU.  

This program begins with a representative of Republican Congressman Stevan Pearce responding inadequately to questions on Pearce's record and positions and his run for the Senate.

It concludes with Democratic Congressman Tom Udall addressing the convention and responding to comments and questions from the floor on his candidacy for the US Senate.

The convention also included (not as part of this program but may be presented on this site later) what may be the only matchup between 2nd US Congressional District Democrats Bill McCamley & Harry Teague as they vie for the Democratic nomination.  

Teague - oil services millionaire - is "fueling" his campaign with his profits, having written himself checks in amounts approaching 1 million dollars and thus buying media time to bring legitimacy to his efforts while McCamley - presently a Dona Ana County Commissioner - is bouyed by many small contributors at a grassroots level, a la Barack Obama.  See Radio Free Silver's coverage of Bill McCamley's recent town hall gathering in Silver City here.

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Latino Rights organizations
  • NCLR /
    National Council of
    La Raza
  • SVREP /
    Southwest Voter Registration Education Project