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Media Reform, Media Justice
& the Legacy of Martin Luther King

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Media Reform, Media Justice

Martin Luther King

& the Legacy of Martin Luther King

In January 2007, NCMR / The National Conference for Media Reform, convened in Memphis, TN.  Memphis is the home of the National Civil Rights Museum housed in the former Lorraine Motel - the hallowed ground upon which The Reverend Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968... by a single individual or an entire society is still, and will be, argued for generations.

Perhaps the civil rights movement - and particularly Dr King's brilliant strategies on how to confront it  - is the true progenitor of the US Media upheaval.  That upheaval continues today in a negative swing of the pendulum.  Certainly before King, there was no mention in the popular parlance of a "liberal media" that must be ridiculed, suppressed and eliminated - questioned on its patriotism and condemned for stating the truths that millions of Americans already know yet continue to deny.

This panel brings together accomplished media and civil rights scholars and activists to discuss the relationship of the media to the struggle for civil rights and social justice and the unique role that Dr King played in focusing the eye of American media on "The Negro Problem" and finally forcing the fundamental change that America avoided for centuries.

The panel included - in order of appearance

  • Professor Leonard Baynes / Moderator / St Johns Univ School of Law / Director - Ronald Brown Ctr for Civil Rights & Economic Development

  • Hon D'Army Bailey / Jurist / nominee to TN Supreme Court / founder National Civil Rights Museum

  • Dr Charles McKinney / Rhodes College Dept of History /
    Founding member and Senior Fellow of The Jamestown Project

  • Mark Lloyd / Author - Prologue to a Farce / Center for American Progress / presently VP for Strategic Initiatives at Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

  • Dr Mara Einstein / Author - Brands of Faith / Prof of Media Studies Queens College (click Faculty/Mara Einstein)

NCMR will convene once again in June 2008 in Minneapolis, MN.  Visit

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