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Bruce Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

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Bruce Gagnon - Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
a good planet is hard to find

Global Network Against Weapons
and Nuclear Power in Space

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space is a an international alliance who's name says it all.  The Global Network's Board of Directors & Advisors numbers over two dozen and the range of experience of its members includes the fields of anti-war & social activism, academia, journalism, trade and labor organizing, writers & authors, medicine, the environment, political analysis, music, social work, physics, and government.

Formed in 1992, Global Network works with activists worldwide to increase public awareness of the peril of the new arms race in the heavens and the imperial intentions of the United States to dominate space and, in turn, dominate all others on earth - and all the world's resources..

Aside from the ever present threat of instant annhilation, the, uh, astronomical costs of space weapons programs and the destructive policies and devastating worldwide social impacts that attend and result, perpetuate poverty as military adventurism sucks more and more dollars out of every economy worldwide.

Bruce Gagnon is a long time activist, author, social critic & now Secretary / Coordinator of Global Network.  He has a demanding international travel and speaking schedule but returns to New Mexico - ground zero for US nuclear weapons development - almost every year and also visits the outposts as well as Albuquerque and Los Alamos - homes to Sandia and LANL.  He joined us on 7 February 2008 to speak at the historic Silco theater in beautiful downtown Silver City.

While many have assumed that space weapons are a relic of the Reagan era, Bruce details the continuous and uninterruted research and development path that has run through every administration, Democrat and Republican, since and has culminated in the Bush regime abrogating the ABM / Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty and plunging headlong into stationing so called missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic.  These "defensive" systems are proposed as being necessary to thwart a nuclear and ballitic missile threat from Iran but are in fact thinly veiled elements of a first strike capability with Russia in mind.

The technical aspects of space weapons could consume hours of discussion and one might expect that his talk would be filled with the jargon of rocket scientists but Bruce's approach is different.  He asks, in essence, "What is the point of this exercise?"  The answer - in a few words - is Ownership of Space, the ability to deny others access to or benefit from it, and the ability to use it as a platform to instantly rain down overwhelming and irresistable force any where, at any time. The ultimate in terrorism.  Yep.  Your tax dollars at work.

He goes further in his talk to address the current and recurring political realities which make the reversal of these criminal policies so difficult while we also have some of the most favorable circumstances in history working in our favor. 

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Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
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