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Health Care for All / NM

Health Care

For All

Health Care for All / NM

Health Care For All, aside from being a desirable goal, is a coalition of public interest and social justice organizations seeking to educate the public AND our governor and legislators on the need - and the opportunity - to institute a program of universal health care that meets criteria that truly serve ALL New Mexicans.  So what's not to like about this?

Nothing except the 500 lb gorilla in the room - a hydra with heads of the insurance companies, big pharma, and every other blood sucking hack in the Medical Industrial Complex, plus, of course, our Governor's "Massachusetts" style plan.

Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign

The Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign is a true grassroots movement that has developed over 10 years, has the endorsement and support of dozens of civic organizations, non-profits, social justice groups, counties, municipalities, unions, and thousand and thousands of citizens across the state.  It has introduced and refined the Health Security Act in successive legislative sessions over more than 10 years gathering more support each time and has now been identified by Mathematica Policy Research -  the firm selected by Governor Richardson to "study" the range of proposals - as the sole option that costs less than the existing program (which only covers 43% of New Mexicans year round) and is projected to have the smallest increase in cost over a 5 year projection compared to the other proposals that were in the study.

Why?  HSA is a Single Payer system with NO insurance companies.

Again, what's not to like about this? Well, no insurance lobbyist money to grease the palms of legislators who place their campaign war chests above the life and death consequences to constituents without health care coverage comes to mind.

This Health Care For All / HCFA forum took place on 9/11 2007 at Bayard Community Center. HCFA went to some lengths to assure us that HCFA does not endorse any particular program in the Mathematica study but has stated a set of principles that a desirable health care system choice should include.  At the forum, many asked, in essence, why beat around the bush?  The governor's own study - which was widely perceived as an end-around to avoid taking an action that did not include insurance comapnies in the mix - found The Health Security Act to insure 100% of New Mexicans while being not only the least costly option but indeed, the only option that was less costly than the current system which leaves 57% of New Mexicans uninsured for some part of the year.  

Better choose the right time to have that life threatening/bankrupting health crisis occur!

Instead of following the analysis of his own selected study, the governor is pushing a private insurance based, medicaid enhanced, compulsory participation proposal closer to the Massachusetts Plan of arch-conservative former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney which requires every MA resident to find coverage or be subject to tax penalties.  The Romney ship is springing leaks starboard and port as more people are found to be unable to afford the compulsory insurance under this unfunded mandate.  And the MA Plan gets worse the more you look at it with a critical eye.

(more to come...)

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Health Care For All / Health Action NM
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SB3 / Health Security Act 2008
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Mathematica Policy Research Final Report - HSA/SB3 covers all & costs least!!!
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