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Pastors for Peace - The 18th Caravan to Cuba
w/ Nancy Abbey,
Catherine Steel &
Dana Lubow

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The BookmobilePastors for Peace

The 18th Caravan to Cuba
w/ Caravanistas
& Red Diaper Babies
Nancy Abbey,
Catherine Steel
& Dana Lubow

Pastors for Peace was created in 1988 to deliver humanitarian aid to Latin America.  It has organized more than 40 caravans to Mexico and Central America and now 18 to Cuba.

Pastors for Peace is part of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization which has been on the front lines of challenging the US government for oppressive policies toward Cuba and other Latin American countries for 40 years.

Catherine Steel, Dana Lubow and Nancy Abbey visited Silver City recently enroute to their rendezvous at the Texas / Mexico border with 125 other "Caravanistas" travelleing to Cuba along 14 routes and visiting 200 US and Canadian cities along the way.

Catherine Steel Dana Lubow Nancy Abbey

The United States embargo of Cuba - now almost 50 years old - has been a tremendous burden on the Cuban people but has not broken their spirit nor prevented them from becoming one of the most advanced societies in Latin America, and indeed the world, with high marks for literacy, higher education, assistance to other nations, life expectancy, infant mortality, and continuing resistance to US imperial aggression.

Nancy, Catherine, and Dana share their experiences of multiple trips to Cuba, the workings of the Caravan and prospects for revocation of US policies intended to crush Cuba and restrict freedom of travel and association for American citizens.

And for the attentive, curious, and prersistent reader - Red Diaper Babies are considered, generally, as children of socialist, radical, progressive or, most narrowly, US Communist Party member parents.

Visit the previous RFS! interview with Dana Lubow on her Cuba experiences and The Bookmobile which she has purchased, outfitted and drove on this Caravan but was thwarted in delivering to Cuba due to mechanical problems.  The Bookmobile has been fixed and it will be driven in the next caravan for delivery to Cuba to serve rural areas on Granma province.  Enjoy the bookmobile pics below.  Mouseover the small pics to see them enlarged.

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The Bookmobile Head On! The Bookmobile
Straight Ahead!
The Bookmobile / interior The Bookmobile / Dana at the wheel Dana & Friend
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