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Hope's Horizon
Chip Ward's Keynote at 2006
Gila River Festival

3rd Annual
Gila River Festival

13-16 Sept 2007
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Hope's HorizonHope's Horizon

Chip Ward
Keynote address
at the 2006
Gila River Festival

Chip Ward is not your average librarian nor the withdrawn bookish type.  He is, however, an author of note for two works...

  • Canaries on the Rim: Living Downwind in the West 
  • Hope's Horizon: Three Visions for Healing the American Land

as well as the assistant director of the Salt Lake City Public Library System.

Chip is also a political activist, though you may not think such a creature could survive in the environment of America's Reddest state.  But if you haven't seen Mayor Rocky Anderson of Salt Lake City on Democracy Now! do so immediately to find out what you don't know about Utah and it's progressive elements!  Then proceed to see some of his other writings and issues in the right sidebar.

This address was the keynote for the 2nd Annual Gila River Festival at WNMU's Global Resource Center in Silver City, NM on Friday 12 May, 2006.  The River Fest is a project of Gila Conservation Coalition - a long standing champion of keeping the Gila a free flowing natural river comprised of three local activist and environmental groups...

The 3rd Annual Gila River Festival is about to happen! 
Be there! / 13 thru 16 September 2007

Visit Gila Conservation Coalition for details on registration, schedule, events, activities, locations, and speakers as we "Flow into the Future."

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