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Grassroots / Kucinich 2008
w/ Rick Romero

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Dennis Kucinich



Rick Romero

Rick Romero

Rick Romero is a volunteer field representative for the Kucinich for President 2008 campaign.  He visits Silver City, NM to jump in the trenches and encourage a local grassroots efforts for the one true progressive candidate within a democratic primary field that is oft criticized as "Republican Lite,"  and sometimes not even lite.

If everyone that wanted to vote for Kucinich - but thought he had no chance of winning and thus voted for another - actually did so, the landscape of American politics would be radically altered.  This is one of the primary challenges he faces - entering the game with a deck stacked against him and the entrenched players having huge stacks of chips obtained from lobbyists and every corrupt corporate and special interest in America.  Clinton has reaped almost a million dollars from the medical industry lobby alone.

The discussion spans a range of issues including the Kucinich cowritten Single Payer Universal Health Care proposal - HR 676.  Of course, Kucinich's unwavering opposition to the criminal trespass in Iraq was discussed  - and he is the only candidate in the field that has opposed the war from the beginning, voted against it and voted against funding.  Related issues of reparations to Iraq, the banning of space weapons, the undermining of civil liberties via the Patriot Act and other unconstituional adventures by the White House and the Congress under both Republican and Democratic control.  Then there is the threat of a 3rd party candidacy following the outcome of the Democratic convention.

Also addressed is the continuing failure of the media - through trivialization and distortions - to accurately adress the serious issues in the campaigns and their focus instead on money, celebrity, and sound bite journalism.  Kucinich has not only registered among the top performers in audience response in several of the debates but was also highly rated in two ABC polls that were quickly withdrawn so as not to conflict with their fixation on Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.  And let's not forget the little dustup where Clinton and Edwards were caught conspiring during the NAACP sponsored debate to prevent other candidates, like Kucinich and Gravel, from participating both previously and for the future.

Though not emphasized in his campaign, Kucinich continues to promote HR 333 asking for articles of Impeachment against Richard Cheney which is in the House Judiciary Committee and now has at least 19 cosponsors.

Finally, there is the proposed Department of Peace and Nonviolence which he has continued to fight for since the year 2000.  The current version - HR 808 - now has 67 cosponsors.  George Washington wanted a Department of Peace.  Why wait any longer?

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