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Richard Heinberg Proactive Responses 
to Peak Oil

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Richard Heinberg

Richard Heinberg

Proactive Responses to Peak Oil:
Protocols and Relocalization

His address at 3rd US Conference on Peak Oil
Yellow Springs, OH / September 2006

Richard Heinberg is one of the world's most noted and respected authorities on Peak Oil - the premise that global oil production will attain a peak when approxi- mately 50% of all extractable oil is recovered and then decline irreversibly.  

A bell shaped curve of increasing, peaking, and declining global oil production is known as the Hubbert Curve after Marion King Hubbert.  A PhD in  geology, math and physics, Hubbert presented his theory in 1956 before the American Petroleum Institute and predicted that US oil production would peak in late 60s or early 70s.  It did exactly that in 1970 and similar peaks have been reached in many of the world's oil producing regions.  It is widely believed that global peak oil will occur by 2010..

When this occurs, the impact on all humanity, and particularly industrialized societies, will be nothing less than earth shaking.

The Community Solution presented the 3rd US Conference on Peak Oil in Yellow Springs, OH in September 2006.  This address was videotaped as part of the Beyond Energy Alternatives along with other distinguished speakers at the conference.  

In January 2007 William Joseph and Grant County Peace Coalition presented this video, several other speakers from the conference, and other Peak Oil related videos along with local speakers and prresentations at the Silco Theater.  Radio Free Silver thanks all the creators, participants and presenters for bringing this crucial information to public awareness.

The copyright owners have graciously permitted this program to air on Public Access Television but not via the internet.  Please visit The Community Solution for DVDs, information on the conferences & more on Peak Oil.

Peak Oil may have happened already.

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