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New Mexico
Department of Peace Initiative

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NM DPI / The New Mexico Department of Peace Initiative

New Mexico Department of Peace InitiativeThe New Mexico Department of Peace Initiative is an effort inspired by Dennis Kucunich's bill to create a cabinet level department in the federal government - equal to the Departments of State, Defense and the others - to incorporate values of peace and non-violence as organizing principles of our society and the policy of our government.

The New Mexico DPI is being promoted by a growing statewide network of citizen activists as similar efforts are being undertaken in other states to create a national groundswell for a federal department.  It  has already been endorsed by Memorials in the New Mexico House and Senate and is gaining support as a bill to actually establish an Office of Peace.

We speak with Mary Lou Cook, one of the cofounders of DPI, Dominique Mazeaud, DPI ambassador, Maria Santelli of Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice and long time DPI associates Virginia Miller, Debra Oliver and Mary Ellen Gonzalez.  They have made remarkable progress in advancing this project over the last few years but have a long way to go, not only to establish the Office of Peace but to establish Peace as an organizing principle of our society and government... and in our minds and hearts.

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NM Department of Peace Initiative
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Allbuquerque Ctr for Peace & Justice

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Dennis Kucinich's
Dept of Peace
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The Peace Alliance national campaign for a US Dept of Peace & state Depts of Peace
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Peace Talks' excellent interview w/
Dennis Kucinich  
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NM Senate Mem 22
introduced by
Cisco McSorley
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NM House Mem 39
Introduced by
Max Coll
Click here for the current US House version of the Department of Peace bill
Many thanks to
United Methodist Church of Santa Fe
for continuing support for activism and social uplift.