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Consuelo Luz
Revolution, Art & Activism
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Consuelo LuzConsuelo Luz
on Revolution, Art & Activism

Consuelo Luz is a recording artist who has had an interest and involvement in politics and activism since chilhood,  Indeed, it's in her genes.  Her Chilean grandfather was Carlos Gregorio Dávila Espinoza, award winning  journalist, publisher, ambassador to the United States during the 20s, provisional president of Chile in the aftermath of the first socialist revolution in the Western Hemisphere in 1932, law professor, author, and eventually, Secretary-General of the OAS  - the Organization of American States.

Her own work as a recording artist is highly informed by her commitment to human rights and the range of issues that encourage or inhibit human dignity.  Her song "What Would Jesus Do?" - included in the program - clearly invokes the values of peace and justice in confronting the horrors of war and oppresion.

She was unjustly arrested and charged with disrupting a Santa Fe city council Time Magazine June 20, 1932 / Carlos Davila - Provisional President of Chile following the 1932 socialist revolution - the 1st in the Western Hemisphere.meeting which resulted in a mediated settlement compelling the Santa Fe Police Department to engage in dialogs to preempt violent confrontations.  This agreement has resulted in increased communication and cooperation between activists and law enforcement and has addressed issues of student protest in the Santa Fe public schools.

Her interest in and commitment to improving the human condition also has a spiritual component and is informed by the works of Ghandi, King, and her grandfather, Carlos Davila.  Her involvement with the New Mexico Department of Peace Initiative further demonstrates her commitment to social uplift and the realization of human potential.

This interview took place in January 2005 in Santa Fe, NM.

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