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A Conversation with
Francis Boyle
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Francis Boyle - Professor of Law at University of Illinois

A Conversation with

Professor Francis Boyle

Author, attorney, human rights advocate, social critic, and long time tenured professor at University of Illinois School of Law, Francis Boyle is also one of the most outstanding authorities on, and proponents of, international law and accountability of world leaders.

In our conversation he addresses the struggles of individuals, groups and countries to protect their rights; the training of the next generation of human rights and international law attorneys;  progress in accountability of world leaders for international crimes; the notorious University of Chicago and its two most odious products, the Chicago Boys and uberneocon, Leo Strauss; and the building Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement.  Secession, anyone?

It must be emphasized that Boyle is not an ivory tower academic but an in the trenches - and in the face of imperialists and war criminals - practicing attorney for issues, causes, and cases currently in progress worldwide.  Like Ramsey Clark, he is among a handful of authorities that bring a long history of direct experience to bear on current events and has the vision, expertise, and will to speak truth to power and act boldly in the vanguard of the struggle for human rights.

The hour that we spend together only begins to touch the range of his activities and experience.  Do visit the sites on the right for more information on his writings and activities.

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Destroying World Order
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