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Iraq Eye Witness w/  Dahr Jamail & Christian Parenti
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Iraq Eye Witness
w/ Dahr Jamail & Christian Parenti

Iraq Eyewitness is an on-going series of interview and lecture programs by alternative media activist Eric Herter.  His subjects are people who have direct, personal experiences in Iraq GIs, journalists, and relief workers as well as CIA agents, scholars and others with an in-depth understanding of the situation in Iraq, Iran, and U.S. defense policy.

This program is comprised of two of his productions - Dahr Jamail: "Unembedded in Iraq" and "The Freedom" in Iraq featuring Christian Parenti.  Both Jamail and Parenti have been at the cutting edge of independent and alternative journalism while mainstream media has failed miserably in their responsibilities to investigate and expose the lies of the Bush administration - ignoring or censoring truth when not actively promoting propaganda.

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