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Herbie Marsden on
Media, Technology & Public Access
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Herbie Marsden

Herbie Marsden

on Media, Technology & Public Access

Herbie Marsden developed two passions in his youth - electronics and the power of information to educate.  No wonder then that he eventually became involved in public access television as a founding board member - and current president of CATS / Community Access TV of Silver.

Our interview covers issues of the rapid advances in computer technology that can turn a few hundred dollars into a "TV station in a box" while tools to shoot, edit, and distribute video are now within reach of almost anyone.

Not one to casually observe, CATS has acquired a low power television license and now augments its coverage on cable with airwaves broadcast of CATS content with an eye toward the looming era of Digital Broadcasting when that low power analog frequency will potentially become five digital signals.

Community Access Television of SilverWhile the technical advances are breathtaking and ongoing, the matter of media consolidation and the ham fisted movement of Telcos into the realm of content provision threaten not only public access and alternative media, but the very nature of our government and political process as well as straining our social fabric.  In the meantime, a larger global movement is forming that may upend even these corporate behemoths.

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