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Amy Goodman & Jesse Jackson

Amy Goodman at NCMR - January 2007

at NCMR / 

The National 

Conference for 

Media Reform

Jesse Jackson at NCMR - January 2007

These humanitarians and heroes of media reform and civil rights need little introduction.  Their addresses were given at the National Conference for Media Reform in mid-January in Memphis, TN.

The 3rd NCMR brought together 3500 media activists, analysts, academics, authors, journalists, producers, members of NGOs& non-profits, government officials, and concerned citizens to address the multiple challenges to a free media and, in turn, a free democracy.

Media Consolidation - the gathering of more media outlets into fewer and fewer (and richer and richer, and more Republican) hands - was a primary concern of many of the dozens of speakers and panelists but Net Neutrality, Media Justice, The Digital Divide, and ultimately the decline of the press to perform it's watchdog function in a free society were well examined.

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