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Citizen Action / NM
w/ Dave McCoy

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Citizen Action / New Mexico
with Dave McCoy

The Citizen Action New Mexico Mission...

To provide information and take action to protect the public concerning past, present and future activities at the Sandia National Laboratories. This includes the impacts of nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry on human health and the environment, social and economic development, interna- tional peace treaties, nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament and policy-making.

canm mapAs Executive Director at Citizen Action, you can see that Dave McCoy has his work cut out for him.

We discuss Citizen Action's efforts to hold Sandia Laboratories accountable for the looming catastrophe of leakage from the "Mixed Waste Landfill." The MWL is a series of unlined trenches filled with poorly documented and sketchily inventoried nuclear and chemical wastes - the toxic legacy of decades of nuclear weapons research and manufacture.  Best news of all?  This disaster waiting to happen sits atop the aquifer that supplies Albuquerque's water.

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