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200,000 Reasons to Subtract Count$

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200,000 Reasons
to Subtract Count$

Sounds like a lot to pay a university president in the poorest state in the nation with a comparatively small campus.  Thing is, $200k per year doesn't sound bad enough since John Counts stands to make close to $1million over the next three years with $926,000 in salary, annuity and retention bonus plus unknown or unconfirmed value of housing, auto, and expense account.

This decision by the Board of Regents occurs in an environment where a bunker mentality prevails, public accountability is treated with disdain and questions of cronyism and conflict of interest must be raised.  Representative Manny Herrera sponsored, and the NM House of Representatives passed, 
HM 82
in the recent legislative session which resolves 

"...that the higher education department be requested to study the hiring policies and practices of public institutions of higher education;..."

Faculty, students, staff, and residents of Grant County gathered for three nights on the steps of the Fine Arts Center Theater to protest this outlandish raid on the public treasury to reward this no acCount for declining enrollment, increased tuition, across the board department budget cuts, fiscal incompetence, and pure hog at the trough gluttony.

Sign the Petition!

Citizens for A Better University has drafted a petition letter to Governor Richardson to address this irresponsible and unconscionable act by his appointees on the Board of Regents.  Click here to download a copy for your signature and to circulate among friends, family, coworkers, and everyone you know that recognizes the arrogance of this decision. 

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RFS! apologizes for mistakenly identifying 

  • Iris Nolasco as Maria Vigil
  • Ross Fischer as James Fischer

in subtitles in the video.

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write / call / email representatives and state officials to protest this offense
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Read and D/L the Petition to 
Gov Richardson

Click here for HM 82 Manny Herrera's memorial to review hiring practices at WNMU and others
Click here for data on WNMU's 8% graduation rate