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SJR 5 - NM's effort to Impeach 
Bush & Cheney

w Punkie Garretson & Matt Runnels
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New Mexico's Effort to
impeach, indict, incarcerate
w/ Diana "Punkie" Garretson & Matt Runnels

Senate Joint Resolution 5 was a shining moment in the New Mexico legislature when it appeared that citizens of this country might find hope that a criminal regime operating out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC might be taken to task.  A couple of courageous state Senators sponsored a resolution to demand that the US House of Representatives do their sworn duty to defend the Constitution and hundreds and hundreds of New Mexicans called, wrote, and appeared personally in Santa Fe to tell their Senators what they wanted them to do.  But turncoat Democrats, voting with lock-stepped Republicans, used a surprise procedural maneuver to derail the effort and deny the measure a debate and vote on the Senate floor.

In this program, taped a few days following the DO PASS recommendation for SJR 5 in the Senate Judiciary committee and one day before the shameful maneuver that Democrats participated in, Diana "Punkie" Garretson and Matt Runnels, chairs of the Grant County Republican and Democratic parties, respectively, join in a discussion of SJR 5, presidential accountability, the erosion of civil rights under the Bush regime, and the deteriorating state of the Rule of Law in America, especially for elite plutocrats such as Bush and Cheney.

Visit the RFS! Impeach Bush and Cheney page for more background information on this issue and click here to watch the show.

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