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Iraq Eyewitness
with Iraq veterans Brian Clement &
Joel Oyer

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Iraq Eyewitness - personal testimony and unembedded journalism by Eric Herter

with Iraq veterans Brian Clement & Joel Oyer

Eric Herter is a documentary film director from the great state of Maine.  Iraq Eyewitness is his website and home to the many interviews he has conducted and events he has recorded.  As the name suggests, Iraq Eye Witness is a project to gather accounts of people that have returned from Iraq and share their first hand experiences from a variety of perspectives.

These two interviews are with Brian Clement and Joel Oyer, both veterans of the US armed forces having done tours of duty in Iraq.  Neither has returned from the mideast with the perspectives they had upon arrival.

Brian Clement was a driver in the 1st Cavalry Division - 2004/2005Brian Clement was part of a vanishing breed, an actual enlisted driver of Army supply trucks in an era of unprecedented outsourcing and war profiteering by corporate thugs such as Halliburton and it's most notorious subsidiary, Kellogg Brown, & Root.  

In his interview, Trucking in Iraq, he details his transformation from blindly following orders to examining the faults in his own behavior and how the arrogance of US policy was only plunging Iraq further into chaos and disorder while innocent civilians were threatened and brutalized routinely and with impunity.  Brian is now a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War.  

Marine artillery Sargeant Joel Oyer landed in Iraq during "Shock and Awe."Joel Oyer was a Marine artilleryman during the early stages of the war and after the swift and glorious "victory," he settled in to the routine of boredom and brutality, triviality and tragedy, as he watched the people of Iraq, men women, and children, subjected to every imaginable horror - all in the name of democracy.

In A Marine's Iraq Experience, he recounts how rather than rebuilding a devastated country and giving comfort and encouragement to it's people - the US forces inflicted more damage as they settled in as occupiers and showed contempt and disdain for the Iraqis at every turn.

Radio Free Silver! presented its own interview with former KBR/Halliburton contract employee and Silver City native, Ed SanchezVisit his page to view the interview and hear his experiences in Iraq as a contract truck driver and his ongoing lawsuit against KBR for sending his convoy into the midst of a firefight with insurgent militias where seven of his companions were killed and Ed was twice wounded along with six others.

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