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Ed Sanchez on
War Profiteering
in Iraq

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Ed Sanchez at the Senate Democratic Policy Committee Hearing in Washington, DC - 18 September 2006

Ed Sanchez
vs Kellogg, Brown & Root

Halliburton's War Profiteering in Iraq

"Worse than traitors in arms are the men who pretend loyalty to the flag, feast and fatten on the misfortunes of the nation while patriotic blood is crimsoning the plains of the south and their countrymen are moldering in the dust."
Abraham Lincoln
- regarding the anti-profiteering False Claims Act of 1863

 I dont want to see a single war millionaire created in the United States as a result of the world disaster.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II

Seven men died and seven were seriously injured in the Good Friday Massacre of 9 April 2004 as a result of Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root's depraved and greed driven policies and operations that knowingly sent a convoy of fuel trucks into a raging and ongoing firefight - 2 days after initial attacks and 2 hours after another convoy had been attacked in the same place.

These incidents of lethal incompetence continue.  Click here for information on another such incident in September 2006.

Ed Sanchez is a WNMU graduate, a Navy veteran, and a native and resident of Silver City, NM.  He contracted with Kellog Brown & Root to drive a truck in Iraq beginning in January 2004.  On 9 April of that year he nearly died - having been wounded twice - in an attack on his supply convoy by an insurgent militia yet still fought back and rescued wounded companions.

He sought to be neither a hero nor a victim, but to work under difficult conditions - as Iraq was, supposedly, entering its "reconstruction" phase - with  KBR assurances for his safety and well being.

Ed testified in Washington at the Senate Democratic Policy Committee Hearing.  The transcript of the complete testimony is here and video of the proceedings are available here.  

He is also featured in the Robert Greenwald documentary - Iraq for Sale - which examines his case and others related to Halliburton / KBR's criminal frauds and other contarcting companies.  These profiteers have committed crimes against their employees, Iraqi citizens, the US government, and it's citizens who have paid dearly in both blood and money.  The corporate thugs and thieves at Halliburton - whose former CEO was Vice President Richard Cheney - enrich themselves under no bid, "cost plus" contracts in a time of national crisis.

Ed has been engaged in a lawsuit against KBR along with his fellow survivors and the familiies and estates of those that died.  Within days of their testimony in Washington, their suit was thrown out under claims by Halliburton/KBR of "sovereign immunity" and the judge ruled that KBR was not responsible for the orders to send them to death and devastation as the US Army gave the final orders and cannot be sued for their failures in a time of war.  The case is on appeal.

Visit these links to a series of  articles on war profiteering from
Foreign Policy in Focus

Militarism and U.S. Trade Policy
By Dave Ranney / 15 December 2006
In recent decades, U.S. global economic policies have increasingly driven U.S. military policy.

It's Still About Oil in Iraq
By Antonia Juhasz / 8 December 2006
A centerpiece of the Iraq Study Group's report is its advocacy for securing foreign companies' long-term access to Iraqi oil fields.

United States Rides Weapons Bonanza Wave
By Frida Berrigan / 16 November /2006
War, instability, and high oil prices have created a perfect storm of profit for the world's weapons manufacturers. This year, FPIF columnist Frida Berrigan reports, defense military analysts predict the biggest arms bonanza since 1993...

Emphasis Should Be On Shared Sacrifice, Not Personal Gain
By Sarah Anderson / 7 September 2006
When it comes to war profiteering everyone should be outraged.

Executive Excess: Close Loopholes that Permit War Profiteering
By Sarah Anderson / 15 December 2005
The war profiteering is on. Defense contractor CEOs received raises on
average of 200 percent between 2001 and 2004, compared to only 
7 percent for average large company CEOs.

Top Defense CEOs Cashing In On The War?
By Sarah Anderson / 30 August 2005

Executive Excess
IPS and United for a Fair Economy expose how defense and oil executives are cashing in on conflict.

And of course, a Google search for war profiteering Iraq produces enough, uh, light reading to satisfy the most inquisitive

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