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Giant Puppets!
w/ Jamie Thomson
& Maria Casler
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Giant Puppets!

w/ Jamie Thomson & Maria Casler

Giant Puppet Alert!  Saturday, 10 February / 1pm

The New Orleans Mardi Gras inspired Parade of Giant Puppets will take place Saturday, 10 February in beautiful downtown Silver City.  The puppet parade will begin at 1pm starting at the HUB - diagonally across from the SC Coop on Bullard, proceed south on Bullard to Broadway, turn right to Texas, turn left to Spring Street, right on Spring to Spring Street Park where puppetry will reign with puppet theater and general merry making.

Bur don't wait!  Get there early at 11am, dress imaginatively, bring drums, instruments, bells & whistles, and join in the surge of creativity as kids and elders, reptiles, and monkeys make last minute additions and find a place in the pageant.

Release your Inner Puppet! 

poppet! Few things spark the imagination like puppets!  To hold one is to want to hear it speak in it's own unique voice.

Maria has a love of theater and creativity and began her puppet craft in Minnesota with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre.  Returning home to Silver City, she sought out others with similar interests and she and Jamie and an expanding crew are now working on a series of puppet events for kids of all ages.

The next one is scheduled for Saturday 10 February in downtown Silver City.  In preparation for the event, they are creating a series of puppets, masks, and movable scenery to be part of their Giant Puppet parade and a puppet theater immediately following the procession.

They are actively seeking folks of all ages and skill levels to participate in the creation of the pupppets and masks and join in the parade and theater presentation on 10 February.

Join in the Fun NOW!  Contact

Jamie Thomson at Big Brothers / Big Sisters 505.538.5786
Maria Casler at 505.538.5463

so you can make your own puppets and masks and have them ready for the event on Saturday 10 February.  They have a script for the puppet play and a several interweaving themes that provide both structure and creative opportunity.

If you can't manage to actually make a puppet or mask, dress festively and imaginatively and attend the parade itself.  Lots of props and accessories will be available for last minute participants or bring streamers, musical instruments, oddities, and curiosities to carry along the route.

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