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Bob Anderson
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Bob Anderson
Welcome to Nuke Mexico!

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Bob Anderson - cofounder of Stop The War Machine and a former Green Party candidate for US Congress - was recently arrested in a non-violent protest at UNM where nuclear weapons developers presented a panel on the "Reliable Replacement Warhead."  The RRW is a euphemism and cover for the development of a new generation of "more useable" nuclear weapons and a further brazen violation of the Non Proliferation Treaty.  We discuss this incident and the broader implications of nuclear weapon development.

From the Stop the War Machine website

Bob's Arrest: Albuquerque, 9-29-2006

Bob Anderson, leading anti-war activist for Stop the War Machine (SWM) in Albuquerque was tackled, handcuffed, dragged and led away to Bernalillo County Detention Center West by University of New Mexico (UNM) police today at approximately 2:00 pm. The incident occurred at a campus meeting sponsored by UNM in which a panel of speakers for think tank Sandia National Laboratories were promoting the building of a new generation of nuclear weapons.

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