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Carl Byron
on Lebanon

Family, History & Foreign Policy
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Carl Byron on Lebanon -
Family, History & Foreign Policy

Topic -
History, Culture & Current Events of Lebanon
following the cease fire of Monday 14 August 2006

Carl Byron provides an unusual perspective on the current conditions in Lebanon.  Born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother and a father in the United States Foreign Service, he spent much of his formative years in Lebanon, parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Washington, DC as his father's assignments rotated.  He visits Lebanon regularly to see his mother's family and has thus had frequent and localized observation of the culture, history, and recent events of the region.  Though there were some close calls with random rockets, his family escaped injury or property damage.

During his years with the late, great LA View, Byron covered subjects ranging from Algeria to Zappa in his reportage, reviews and essays about current events, local politics, performing arts, literature, and travel.

As a writer, composer and performer, Carl Byron brings a natural-born eclecticism to most aspects of his creative endeavors and has rarely met a boundary he didn't try to cross.

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